deco-decadence-palette-v2This year, I am super excited for one of the latest trends in weddings – 1920s / 30s Art Deco Glamour. I’ve been perusing Pinterest for some of the best inspirations. You can see them here. There are not many yet, but I keep adding as I find them. Keep coming back to see more.

Back in March, I went to the library and spent a full afternoon researching Art Deco architecture and styles. After taking many of the books home with me, I’ve begun working on some Signature invitations that reflect the Decadence of the 20s and 30s. Our first set, Deco Decadence, is in production and will soon be available on Etsy. As a self-proclaimed design nerd, doing this research has been a really fun and inspiring hobby I’ve picked up. One, I get to look at great architecture and style. Two, I get to design.

There are so many things labelled “Art Deco” nowadays that it’s confusing. As a purist, I think there is a lot of Art Nouveau that is considered Art Deco and it drives me nuts. Since there are many styles of Art Deco, it’s easy to get confused. Think modern lines, decadent detail work, repeating shapes that feel cold rather than warm, cold materials (granite, marble, gold) and always, always think – extravagant.

Whether it’s a Florida Beach Deco, classic Deco architecture, streamline modernism or Egyptian-influenced, Art Deco can be many things. But it is always beautiful and extremely detail oriented.

Some of my most favorite inspirations? Here they are….

#1 – The Chrysler Building of New York



#2 – Art Deco Doors


#3 – NY Deco












#4 – Gatsby


#5 – Elevator Doors




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