or, “How to not let my cousin bring a date since she will have met him two days ago and just wanted a date and I don’t want to pay $100 for him to eat and then they will break up the next week”

or, “How do I let my guests know that only the adults are invited and this is a children-free event except for immediate family”

Phew, there are so many questions our clients ask. Regardless of the budget, the style, the sophistication level, everything wants to know: How do I let people know exactly who is invited without the expense of an inner envelope?

blog-responsecard1We have the easy answer. Hooray!

We solve this problem by printing completely custom / personalized response cards for our clients’ guests, based on who is invited and who isn’t. Meaning, each invitation contains an rsvp card that matches the exact amount of people invited and subtly directs them to rsvp for the ones you want to attend.

This doesn’t solve only one problem, it also solves another: How do you let families know that the kids ARE invited? Simple, again, custom response cards take care of this. blog-responsecard2Here’s how we do it:

Each response card contains two parts of information that change for each family:

#1 – How many are invited?

#2 – Number of adults and number of kids

To let your guests know how many in your household are invited, we always say that right at the top of the response card. We include this:

blog-responsecard3We have reserved 2 seats for you

and replace 2 with any number. In any given invitation, no matter the size, we have up to 10 variations of response / rsvp cards. Each is matched to theirĀ envelope and either mailed by us or packaged together for our clients to easily identify what everything is. Pretty cool, huh?

This way, you can send an invitation to a household of 5 with 2 parents and 3 kids under the age of 18. You don’t want the kids to come, so you put on the card “We have reserved 2 seats for you” and it’s very clear, no kids are allowed.

If you have guests who you think will bring any Joe Schmoe just to have a date, and you don’t want to pay for these single-date relationships, do the same thing. Have the response / rsvp card say “We have reserved 1 seat for you”.

To solve our second situation for who is attending, who isn’t and what do they want to eat, we customize the cards based on how many adults are invited and how many kids (under 18) are invited. This is where all the different versions come into play. I think the best way to describe it is to just use an example….

For Gina and Tommy’s wedding, there are adults and kids invited, but not everyone’s kids. So we solved this problem of who is invited by customizing the “We are attending” line to be tailored for each family / guest. Should you send everybody the same response card, they won’t have the Reserved Seats info on it and those who don’t get a guest will have a response card that implies they do. Lame.

Version A: For a solo guest


How easy is that? Below is the entire set of response cards, coded by Letter, for Gina and Tommy’s wedding….

Version B: For one Adult and one Kid


Version C: For two Adults




Version D: Double-sided printing for two Adults and two Kids




Version E: Double-sided printing for three adults




Version F: For three Adults and one Kid




Version G: For four Adults




Version H: For four adults and two Kids




Version I: For five adults




Version J: For five adults and two Kids




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