It’s the age-old dilemma at weddings where the guests choose their entree. You have four entree choices for adults, a kids’ option and three guests with gluten allergies:

How do the servers know who gets which meal at the reception?

Will my guests remember their entree choice and have to tell the server?

What if a guest doesn’t know what their significant other said they wanted to eat?

No worries, we have the answer. Use Escort Cards or Place Cards that tell the servers which meal a guest gets without having to put the meal choice on the card.


Huh? Seriously, we do it all the time

Use a different color escort card for different meals. For your Steak meal, the backing of the escort card is black. For the Chicken meal, the backing of the escort card is fuchsia. Then, for the vegetarian meal, the backing of the escort card is Silver. As long as the servers know which color gets which meal, all is good.

Or, use embellishments like rhinestones or Swarovski crystals for each escort card. For the Steak meal, it’s the same color backing as every other card, but this one has 1 crystal on it. The Chicken meal escort cards will have 2 crystals on it and the Vegetarian has three. Tip to save money? Use the least amount of Crystals / Embellishments on the  most popular meal choice.


blog-escortcard2Again, as long as the servers know which meal belongs to which escort card, problem solved.


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