That moment. You know, the moment when the couple sees each other for the first time. It’s one of THE big moments of a wedding. At r3mg, we love the new tradition of having a “First Look” photo session before the ceremony. This way, you and your love will see each other for the first time that day, in a private setting. Seeing their face at that moment, when they both light-up and look into the eyes of the person they are going to marry, is magical. Below are some of our favorites…

r3mg_firstlook_01 r3mg_firstlook_02 r3mg_firstlook_03 r3mg_firstlook_04 r3mg_firstlook_05 r3mg_firstlook_06 r3mg_firstlook_07 r3mg_firstlook_08 r3mg_firstlook_09 r3mg_firstlook_10 r3mg_firstlook_11

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