This past weekend I had the pleasure of being adopted into the Gener and Siddiqi families. From the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner on Friday until the Walima ended around 11 on Sunday,( Oh, and a Catholic Ceremony, Hula Tribute, Nikah, reception, 3 saris, 1 wedding gown, sherwanis, and lantern releases) we were together for roughly 30 hours. I could not have wished for more gracious people, nor a more loving couple than Eileen and Immi. It is always very apparent how joyous our couples are, as was the case with Eileen and Immi, but that doesn’t lessen how powerful, moving, and overall inspiring a deep connection is. Thank you so much to both Eillen and Immi, and also to both of their families for being so welcoming and accommodating. Congratulations to you both!







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