r3mg display - beta versionI am SUPER excited to share our new display for exhibiting at Bridal Shows. In January of 2013, we unveiled the new r3mg display. It is completely custom and if I say so myself, truly fabulous.

Our old display was great, very professional and sophisticated. Which was beautiful but it wasn’t our personality. We’re not stuffy. If you know us at all, that’s one of the things you love or hate about people. Anyhoo… We wanted something to match our personalities. Creative, sophisticated, warm, open, and exemplary craftmanship.

I started a Pinterest board for my ideas. There were some that truly inspired me and others that caught my eye for specific reasons. From these concepts, I came up with mine. I sketched it out for my Dad, told him exactly what I wanted and the space I needed and off he went. It was so nice to have such an “I got it” moment with the person who is producing your vision. It makes me value the moment where my clients feel that I “get it” for them.

r3mg display - beta version

My Dad owns three businesses and is an insanely hardworking man. He will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He is also a very good amateur carpenter. The man can make and detail almost anything. This Display proves that.

He started by building ladders out of 1x2s. These were to connect to each other with hinges so they can be angled or straight. He and my stepmom covered all the ladders in burlap, stretching it out and handling it to fit perfectly. We also needed ledges / shelves for my invitations. And we needed a lot of them.

Jim designed these ledges himself, cut about 60 of them, painted, detailed, finished and routed a slot through it for the invitations to sit into. Then he put them all up on the ladder rungs where needed. He added lights from Ikea, which worked perfectly for this and connected them to the underneath of the ledges. The problem was the cords, which he solved by drilling holes through the rungs to put the cords into the back. And let’s not talk about the OCD of his light cord organizing. It’s awesome.

We had this display up for one show in January, realized it was too big and had to downsize it to the new version. Either way, it took a LOT of hard manual labor from my Dad to build this for us. I am so grateful at his giving of time and materials to improve something that wasn’t broken.

The Final Version is smaller and, I think, showcases clusters of photos and invitation better. It’s a beautiful setup and I wanted others to appreciate what he’s done.

Thanks Daddy. Love, your Princess

PS – He is available to chat with those interested in having a custom display like this built for themselves / their business. Please contact us for more information.


Final Version:

Invitation / Photography Spotlight Showcases

This is one of my favorite things about it. For so long, our photography and invitation displays were separated and shared, but never mingled. With this display, we are able to showcase some of the weddings we’ve provided with multiple services. On this display, we were able to showcase: Carrie & Greg, Samantha & Chris and Liz & Joe


Wedding Photography and Invitations for Samantha & Chris 7.21.2012


Engagement and Wedding Photography, Save-the-Dates, Wedding Invitations and Day-of Stationery for Liz & Joe 12.31.2011


Engagement Photography, Save-the-Dates and Wedding Invitations for Carrie and Greg 6.22.2013

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