Today is Father’s Day, here in the States. Since our Dad (mine and AJ’s) goes away every year for a golf trip this weekend and we don’t get to hang with him today, I figured what better place is there to honor him than here?

Ah, Jimmy, my Dad, he’s pretty awesome. As most of you know, r3mg is a family business. AJ is my brother, Mark is my cousin and it’s all possible because of Jimmy. He’s such an inspiration. It was his idea to start r3mg and through it all, he has been the “man behind the curtain”, supporting us in whatever manner we need.

Back in the day, he started out by sweeping the factory floor at Midwest Film on the South Side of Chicago, as an after-school job. Through the years, he worked his way up to being their top salesman, leaving for a better company, opening his own business in the industry and then, eventually, buying that same factory with some partners. How cool is that?

Since I was young, I’ve always looked up to my Dad. He loved my sister and I with no limits, worked hard, fought for custody numerous times and always, always showed us how much he cared. He was strict when needed, fun when needed and always loving. Even if his loving was shown through a very sarcastic, dry sense of humor.

He is the guy that everyone goes to when they have problems. They know that he can help. Even if it’s just to bitch and whine, he’s there to listen.

My Dad is one of my best friends and I feel so lucky to have him in my life. Without him, there are so many things that wouldn’t be possible.

I feel so close to him and truly hope to one day be like him. As I grow older, I understand more of what he has sacrificed for himself to support his family like he does. It’s absolutely amazing to me, all that he does, and he doesn’t crack under the pressure. He has his own company (for the last 20-something years), is a partner in my sister’s business and a partner in ours.

He is one of the best people I know. I’m not saying he doesn’t have his faults, or that he doesn’t fall asleep at his desk sometimes, LOL, but he’s pretty damn cool. And I am super thankful that he is my Dad.

He’s not just a dad to us, but he opens himself up and becomes a father figure for most of the young adults in his life. I’m sure my cousin Mark would agree that my Dad is like a second father to him. Or at least, I hope he would. 😉 Whether it’s my cousins or a kid working in the warehouse, he’s there for them.

One of my most favorite Jimmy quotes came from a conversation we had at an r3mg meeting one day. We were joking around about how my three of my Dad’s kids (there are 4 of us: Joanne (38), me (34), AJ (24) and Tommy (22)) are like Macs and he’s a PC. We’re very artisty, more free spirited and drive outside the lines. Jimmy, while having a sick sense of humor, which we love, is definitely a PC. After joking about this, we asked him how this happened. His reply was classic Jim Randazzo:

“Cuz I’m a Mac Daddy”

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I love you with all my heart.

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